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Superhosts is a Rental Management company that specializes in short and extended stays and looks after your property. Our mission is to provide a great balance between the comfort of individual living with the services of a hotel standard.

Our professional team manages 4 stars hotels so we know how to meet expectations of the most demanding guests. Taking care of guests is our everyday work so you can be sure we have enough experience to take care of your property.

You Can Relax
We Don’t

Do you have a property for rent? Join us and we will take care of everything from creating the listing  to taking care of your guests on-site. You will have access to all the information in your personal owner portal, where you can track the expenses and manage income in a single account.

We will take care of every operational task so you won’t have to worry about your property management anymore.. We earn commission only when guests are renting your property so we will do our best to maximize your revenue.

What We Do:

–  Setting up the property for rent

– Guest Services

– Arrival and departure services

– Keeping You Informed

– Property Management

Setting up for rent

Our professional photographers will capture your villa in its best light. To convey the best impression of your villa, we create:

– High resolution photos of your villa

– Full HD property video tours

Support recommendation for design and decoration to create a stylish theme for your home and garden ideal for rental. These include:

– Selection of colors and finishes

– Selection of accessories and furniture

– Indoor and outdoor light design

– Landscape design

Expertly crafted listing with compelling descriptions by our professional copywriters

Setting up for rent

Effective advertisement of your property on:

– Leading rental portals (Airbnb,, etc.)

– Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok)

– Our websites (,

To optimize the rental price we are taking into account:

– Seasonality

– Demand

– Competition

– Events

Monitoring premium amenities and restocking items as and when necessary.

24/7 friendly and efficient communication through multiple channels.

Guest Services

Giving your guests a warm welcome with essential information provided.

Giving your guests a warm welcome with essential information provided.

Complete with hotel quality linens with all beds made to hotel standard.

Effective upkeeping of your property with small repairs
conducted on the spot.

Dine in the comfort of your villa – from Pizza, Western, Thai food and drink delivery to chef & BBQ services.

Sheer relaxation with a professional massage (Additional fee).

Inspecting villa, property maintenance, restocking.

Arranging transport to the nearest airport or next destination. Offering wide choice of transport, including business class and large group vans (Additional fee).

Encouraging your guests to leave a review.

Setting up for rent

Example for a Semi Detached Villa
( 4 Bedrooms )

Season Month Suggested Daily Rate
June,July, August, September
6,500 ฿
February, March, April, May, October, November
7,000-8,500 ฿
December, January
9,000-9,500 ฿

* when starting to manage the villa, rates should be lower for the first few months to drive bookings and establish the villa in all OTA channels.

* rates must be flexible with discounts and promotion prices for up to 20% depending on market demand.

* OTA Fees to be paid by Homeowner.

You Informed

Our system lets you always stay up to date, spending the minimum amount of time.

Customized clear reports, trends, and comparisons keeping you alway up to date 24/7

Contact us quickly and easily with live chat, email, phone, or in our office.

Receive monthly performance updates.

Property management

‘Peace of Mind’ service

Not ready for renting yet? We also provide Property Management Services for your villa. If you are looking for someone to take care of your property on a daily basis, we are here for you. We will do all the housekeeping for you and more.

A dedicated gardening team to take care of maintenance or design to your specifications.

Enjoy crystal clear water all year around.

Effective upkeeping of your property, regular check ups on plumbing, electrical systems and appliances with small repairs conducted on the spot.

Administration, bid management, and handling of sub-contractors for larger repairs.

Support handling insurance and claims for your property.

Using only the highest quality products to keep the pests out and your family and animals safe.

Our Packages

Superhost Plus

Professional rental service and Villa Management
One stop, full service rental and maintenance of your villa.
THB 7,500 + 22%* of gross villa revenue
  • All Services from Superhost Rental
  • Including all benefits from Peace of Mind Service
  • 12% Discount on Superhost Fee

Peace of Mind Service

Full Property Management for owners that do not wish to rent out
We will take care your property whether you are home or away.
THB 9,500* Monthly
  • Pool & Garden Service
  • Professional Housekeeping
  • Routinely scheduled Pest Control Service
  • Routinely scheduled Pest Control Service
  • Monthly Senior Management Property Check-Up and report
  • Supervise all routine maintenance work and set up schedules
  • On demand check-ins for Friends and Family
  • Handling insurance claims

Superhost Rental

Professional rental service for your Villa
We get the best out of your property.
Superhost Fee: 25%* of gross villa revenue
  • Listing Set Up & Villa Management
  • Photoshoot
  • Website & Owner Dashboard
  • Optimized Listing Pricings
  • Professional Housekeeping & Check-in Service
  • 24/7 concierge service & General Manager support

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    Superhosts is a Rental Management company specialized in short and extended stays. Our mission is to provide a great balance between the comfort of individual living in one of our properties and the services of a hotel

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